Elin Bellander

Elin Bellander

Elin Bellander


Elin Bellander is a singer/songwriter with a love for exciting pop melodies. What is really outstanding about her sound is definitely the fact that she has a modern edge to her music. However, there are also some timeless elements that make her song craft truly special. Such is the case of her brand new single, “Pretend.” The tracks is particularly outstanding because Bellander has a beautiful and a melodic voice. It is quite apparent that she sings from the heart and that she is deeply connected with the lyrics that she lets out of her mouth.

In addition to her passionate vocal style and her lovely songwriting, the music is also the cherry on top here. The production is spectacular and tastefully restrained. By that, I mean that this tune doesn’t really hide behind a wall of slick overproduction. Instead, it really enables the singer to pour her heart out and share something deeper with the audience in the form of gorgeous hooks that will connect with you from the moment you press play.


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