Grande Royale

Grande Royale

Grande Royale

Take It Easy

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Here’s another Euro-rocker that sounds like they came straight out of Cleveland and headed for the top. Grande Royale has set free its latest album Take It Easy. They came up with 11 new tracks, all capturing the heart of American classic rock. The soul of the group comes from dueling guitars and seriously impressive drumming. “Sweet Living’ dives into the endless fountain of break-up songs. This one makes you glad they split, you need that well-trod grief to give you this excellent chance to bang your head. The lead vocalist (names are a closely held secret in this band) offers break up advice in “Cogitator.” If nothing else, “cogitator” is a real word you just don’t hear anymore.

I hear some ZZ Top rocking on “Decelerate,” these lyrics propel us forward and the tight beat keeps us from tripping over our own shoe laces. There are slower dance numbers like “Baby, You’re a Fool.” Our singer has lost another girlfriend, maybe for real this time, but he’s still keeping up appearances. These guys are about the best new producers of classic style rock and roll, and a textbook example of Scandinavian musicians echoing what the American guitar gods did, and then going up one more level. Lyrics, melody, heart and a solid back beat: no one can’t go wrong with any of that.

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