Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust

Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust

Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust

Winter Park Playhouse

The Parade of Excellence continues at Winter Park Playhouse. Tonight we have a snappy little cabaret by local fav Faith Boles, a chanteuse who can belt with the best of them. Her story: standard musical theater stuff. Audition as a kid for Liesl in Sound of music and got rejected, but then went on to triumph after triumph. Cruises gigs (no viruses, please), Disney, and eventually to the Valhalla of musical theater in central Florida: her own Winter Park Playhouse cabaret.

As Faith matured and found her place on the musical theater whirligig, her musical selections match here progress. Beginning with “Almost There” from “Princess and the Frog,” “I’d Rather be Sailing” introduced her cruise line days, then “Poor Unfortunate Souls” points us to her Questioning Phase of Life. “I Don’t Know If I Love Jim” brings her to the inevitable romance phase of her life, and “Always a Bride’s Maid” …well, you know where that one leads. Then Ms. Boles makes a darker turn it her story but it’s clear she now trusts this audience with her darkest secrets. Fortunately for her , she’s ended up in Winter Park, and has eased on into the happiest show house in town.

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