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Mr. G Presents The Alien With Extraordinary Abilities

Phoenix G

It’s electronic, its danceable, and it’s a bit weird. Drum speed is set on “get there quick,” audio is looped but not to the point of excess, and there’s plenty going on sonically to keep you focused even if you don’t dance. I have in hand (or hard drive) Mr. G’s album number eight, and it’s my introduction to his intense beats and echoed voice. A quirky little EP with six tracks this is, and all are from his recent US tour. I don’t have much background on this artist, but his intersection of rhythm and clever juxtaposition of beats gets your attention. Track one “Late Night” originates at club called Montechcollo and sounds like something you’d push out near closing time, assuming you have a closing time. It cycles a simple loop and vocal sample track around and around. We have fades between tracks, so it’s not exactly a “Get Lost in the groove” experience, but we jump to “The Made” which eschews vocals for a driving beat with an intense background rhythm that seems to creep up on you like a gelatinous cube from a 1990’s RPG.

Now we’re off to more rhythm-based electro goodness with “Met D @ The Gathering.” Here we turned to an even more intense rhythm line with synth notes that sound just about to break in to feed back. It’s modulated with over-driven electronic noise looking back to the earliest synthesizers. You know the ones, they look like the control panel on the Jupiter 2. Next we hear some nicely sampled synth notes as “Sound Bath@The Loft” cleanses the pallet for the terminal cut “The Maid 1” a brilliant yet straight forward beat with top hat embellishments. It’s a quick trip around the club scene here; these tracks are all suggestive a of a larger DJ set that would fill an evening with sweat and visions, or a dark little club with too much black light and not enough seating.

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