Warren Storm

Warren Storm

Warren Storm

Taking the World by Storm

APO Records

Ok, so I’m the only dork who’s never heard of the legendary swamp rocker Warren Storm. He comes from the outback of Vermillion Parish and learned his licks in the seedy side of New Orleans, back when that really meant something. Officially, he’s a drummer, but what grabs me is his strong road house vocals. He’ s not only a master of range and control, he packs the requisite pain and school of hard knocks only a true Blues Man offers.

We roll in to this disk with a spacious “Long as I Can See the Light”, written by John Fogerty. Next up is a more county two-step number “Matilda.” His baby is back in town, and while that’s a reason to celebrate, it’s not clear where to park Matilda for the moment as he wraps up some old business. County and blues lives for this domestic complication; love is not a one way street nor is it the comfortable unity of a committed man and a clinging woman. Anything else is boring.

Much of Mr. Storms material comes from the Hank Williams school of infidelity and sobriety, and romance isn’t so much about a perfect match, rather it’s who’s available right now, monotheistic monogamy be damned. “Mama, Mama, Mama, Mama” shows the happy part of meeting someone “right for tonight” only to lose here by the next track on “In My Moments of Sorrow.” Flutters of gospel propel “Prisoner’s Song”, but not to the point you need to come to service and pass a few adders back and forth. And there’s a fine honky-tonk piano and slide guitar under the classic “Tennessee Blues.” It’s a compete blues set, and all that you need to provide is beer, the smokes, and the Budweiser clock spinning around on the wall. Mr. Storm is blues, county, and swing. I’m sure Jesus is luring in their if you look hard enough, but he’s not going to look at you all sad like. Not on this smoky disc of sin.


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