Montana Monet

Montana Monet

Montana Monet

Sweet Face

Montana Monet is an artist and performer with a passion for exciting pop music. Recently, she released a brand new EP titled Sweet Face, which has stunning production, and it sets the bar higher with some truly amazing songwriting chops. The release features four songs, including the opening track, “New Creation.” This cut is a breath of fresh air with its high standards in terms of arrangement and artistry. This track gives the audience a nice first glimpse on Monet’s magnetic voice. The song begins with a lovely intro with piano, some strings, and a bass riff. Eventually, Monet comes in, going for a timeless approach that makes me think of artists like Regina Spektor.

The second cut on this release is a tune titled “You’re Not Alone,” which actually feels like a hopeful and forward-thinking song with a lot of attitude and a positive edge to it. The track begins with some beautiful acoustic guitar melodies, and it sets the mood to a faster pace with a nice drum pattern and killer electric guitar riffs. Monet’s vocals on this cut make me think of legends like the late Dolores O’Riordan from the Cranberries.

“Blue Bird” is definitely one of my favorite tracks on this release, and I particularly enjoy how Monet managed to really impress me for the way the melodies are so tastefully layered and so beautifully arranged. At first the song has a cool piano ballad vibe, which reminds me of some great late ’70s icons such as Fleetwood Mac. I love how Monet’s vocals are so emotional and far-reaching on this beautiful effort.

Last, but definitely not least, the EP ends on an appropriately sweet note with “What’s Up,” which is a catchy song that has a nice pop edge to it. This track features the inner simplicity of folk music, but it is also more far-reaching, going for a deeper and more balanced tone with some lyrics that are personal and inspiring. This is a fantastic cover of the classic 4 Non Blondes hit, and I really love the fact that, in a way, Monet stayed true to the original arrangement giving it her own twist.

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