Let My Daughter Go

Let My Daughter Go

Let My Daughter Go

by Creston Mapes

Rooftop Press

Why do I refer to Creston Mapes as the “postmaster?” ‘Cuz he ALWAYS “delivers!” And his latest thriller, Let My Daughter Go is NO exception.

Mapes picks up right where his 2019 page-turner, Signs of Life left off. Yes, Portland police detective Wayne Deetz is back. Apparently Deetz didn’t bust ALL of the bad guys when he thwarted the mass shooting plot just a few months earlier. Now he’s drawn suddenly into cracking another chilling case. And this time, it’s personal.

Paralyzing readers in short order, Mapes paints a Picasso-like portrait – one filled with compelling, often unlikable characters and brimming with heart-stopping suspense – utilizing every single drop of paint on his palette with masterful skill.

Simply put, Mapes scratches that itch – once again delivering everything his most dedicated disciples have come to expect – inspiring heroes and despicable villains, plenty of action and non-stop tension – all crammed into a timely, relevant story and glossed with his signature-style message of faith.

Despite being a sequel, Let My Daughter Go stands as a gripping stand-alone read. But while it certainly isn’t necessary to visit the preceding saga first, it might help some readers to connect all the back story dots a bit more quickly.

Maybe it’s because I’m a parent. Maybe it’s because I’m blessed to have an abundance of special needs folks as friends and family members. Maybe it’s because I’m one of those “dedicated disciples,” but Let My Daughter Go thwacked me harder than any of Mapes’ previous efforts – arguably his strongest work to date.


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