The Harmed Brothers

The Harmed Brothers

The Harmed Brothers

Across the Waves

Fluff and Gravy

The last decade has been something of a wonderful, long and winding road for creative colleagues, Ray Vietti and Alex Salcido. Since the release of their 2010 debut, All the Lies You Wanna Hear, the respective singer / songwriter and multi instrumentalist partnership has evolved from a tag team effort into a full-blown band endeavor. And after five releases, The Harmed Brothers return in 2020 with the irresistible, Across the Waves.

Uniquely unpretentious, the organic, friendly-feeling 10-track collection bursts with engaging story-based songs, accented by powerful performances and awash in stripped-down, yet appealing production – songs that often resemble beloved family members – perhaps the big brother to the brown eyed girl next door or the long-lost cousin of Mr. Jones, the respected deacon at church.

An impressive 1-2 punch, “Skyline Over” and “Picture Show” both possess honest vocals woven into charming melodies – offering refreshing, yet familiar guitar work and just-what-the-doctor-ordered drums – bathed in beautiful keyboards. Beaming like a sky blue sky, “River Town” is one of the record’s shiniest highlights, along with “Ride it Out” – a heartfelt tune that hits like a runaway train.

As they say, “timing is everything.” And given the ultra-turbulent times in which we now live, the Harmed Brothers’ timing couldn’t have been better, as Across the Waves is an Americana-flavored treat – one of 2020’s best and brightest offerings.

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