Yonic South

Yonic South

Yonic South

Twix and Dive

La Tempesta

First impressions – man, is this a dumb name. Is the second word pronounced “South” or “Youth?” You open your EP with a cover? Don’t these Australians know you save the cover for last? This doesn’t bode well.

Next impressions – holy crap, this is amazing! “Rock and Roll Star” is drenched in feedback and noise and sounds like it was recorded on a Fisher-Price tape recorder in the next room, recalling Guitar Wolf in their early days of garage-noise. “Tell Me Why” and “On” display elements of New Zealand jangle pop coated with the same blanket of noise and grit. The EP closer “Stevie G, King of Anfield” is a surf-inspired groover with samples and a bit cleaner production.

I would imagine the dumb name would keep many sensible listeners away, but fans of pop covered in walls of glorious noise and fuzz need to overcome that initial impression and embrace Yonic South

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