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Corriente Cadencia

Corriente Cadencia

Toda La Razon

Corriente Cadencia is a band with a focus on creating music that has a uniquely personal tone. The project started out in Santiago (Chile) earlier in 2019, and it is the brainchild of vocalist Alex Ruiz. Their sound sets the bar higher in terms of production and performance alike, often exploring genres as diverse as rock and singer/songwriter music in Spanish, with hints of other styles, including some dream-pop and shoegaze, but not limited to just those genres. As a result to their diverse approach, the sound of the group is fresh, innovative and engaging, going for a diverse and inspiring twist. The band’s most recent release is an EP titled Toda La Razon.

The record features three songs, including “Soltar Mi Voz,” which clocks in at slightly under the three-minute mark. The song is highlighted by a weighty bass tone, almost reminding me of Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic due to the fat and low-mid heavy sound. The rhythm is pounding, but also quite hypnotic and direct, bringing the track to a unique dimension. The guitars, vocals and synth tones are really spot on, melding together perfectly. The second cut, “Lugar,” begins with mellow acoustic guitar, and it later developed a more articulate arrangement, with minimalist percussion and some unique vocals, bringing so much depth and a dreamy set of synth-y textures to the fold. If you are a fan of artists such as Slowdive or Cigarettes After Sex, this one might be right up your alley.

Last, but definitely not least, “Hundirte en la Arena” has a beautifully dreamy sound, almost reminiscent of earlier Radiohead with some amazing New Wave synth, adding more personality to the tone of this release. All in all, this is a truly interesting set of tracks with a really nice approach to production and a genuine feel songwriting, which makes the songs all the more easy to relate to for the audience. Even those who don’t speak or understand Spanish should enjoy these dreamy songs.

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