Mike Cottone

Mike Cottone

Mike Cottone

Thank You

Trumpeter/composer Mike Cottone is back on the scene with a brand new album titled Thank You. The release features twelve songs, and each track has something unique to offer. The album explores a wide range of music style, ranging from jazz to funk and fusion. Cottone is a skilled trumpet player, who brings a lot of passion and expressiveness to his sound. The opening track, “Funky Sam” is actually a perfect taste of his vision. The track features funk-inspired bass lines and sophisticated drum patterns, adding to the charm and character of this release.

“I’m Not the Only One” is definitely another highlight on this record. The intro features a classic electric piano sound, a bit distorted and compressed, reminiscent of some of the best performers of the ’60s. The percussive backdrop is minimalist, yet it definitely hits the mark, accompanying his lead melodies to perfection. This song has a bit of a nostalgic vibe, but it’s also positive and inspiring.

“The Way It Is” is another stand-out moment in my opinion. The song kicks off with a sparse drum introduction, and it later develops into a very hypnotic arrangement with somewhat of an experimental feel. Influences as diverse as math rock and fusion creep in, echoing the work of composers such as Sam Prekop, only to mention one. There is also room for a rendition of a classic, as Cottone and his band gave their own spin to the famed “Killing Me Softly” tune, this time giving the track a special ’70s feel, with a bit of a progressive jazz edge.

Ultimately, what makes Thank You special is the fact that this is a direct yet open-ended album, which seamlessly embraces a huge variety of creative influences to perfection. There is always room for more ideas and unique creative vibes, with Cottone providing some outstanding melodies and harmonies whether he goes for a more classic feel or for something more outlandish and one-of-a-kind.


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