Rhonda Head

Rhonda Head

Rhonda Head


One of the first things that you might notice about this single is the fact that it has a very minimalist arrangement, based on few, very powerful elements. The song begins with a beautiful rhythm pattern on the acoustic guitar, going for a staccato feel, that later matches perfectly with the subtle drum tracks. Rhonda Head’s vocals are intimate and direct. If you listen to this song with a good pair of headphones, it almost feels like the singer is gently whispering into your ear. There is an intimate quality to her vocal sound, and she feels present, yet extremely soothing and down-to-earth. Her lyrics are personal and dynamic, and the song is about deceit in relationships, the aftermath of being in a relationship with someone who is not entirely truthful with you.

Although the experience can be painful, this song has a positive message. Head states that “being played isn’t fun for anyone,” but she also reminds her audience that life goes on, and there are going to be many other opportunities along the way to find through love, and people who are worth the wait and the while. This is a very honest track and it has a diverse approach to production as well. The sound of this effort is remarkably personal and intimate, and one of its biggest strong points is definitely the inner simplicity of the arrangement. In other words, this tune proves that you do not need extensive studio trickery in order to really make the most out of your sound, and it stands out as a great example of “less is more.”

Head combines her stunning vocal performance with a one-of-a-kind sound, which appears soulful and mellow, with a distinctive touch and with so much to offer in terms of musical storytelling as well. Head’s excellent vocals are special. They are extremely beautiful and nuanced, going for a sultry, yet dynamic and catchy approach. Her music is jazz at its core, but her vocals showcase a lot of versatility, with hints of blues and R&B at play as well.


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