Body Double

Body Double

Body Double

The Floating Hand


Body Double, an Oakland quintet have released “The Floating Hand” as a single for their upcoming debut album Milk Fed. If the album is anywhere as interesting as the single, Milk Fed promises to be a post-punk banger, heavily indebted to the Chairs Missing and 154-era Wire.

First thing the listener notices is a heavy bass line propelling the song, recalling the rhythmic groove of late ’70s and early ’80s post-punk bands like the aforementioned Wire and Killing Joke. Vocalist Candace Lazarou’s deadpan delivery coasts over the scratchy guitars, grounding the song and giving it a suitable new wave dispassionate grounding.

Body Double have certainly done their homework and have crafted a brilliant new-wave/post-punk ode to backstabbing fake friends. High hopes for the upcoming full-length.

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