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Eunha So

Eunha So


Eunha So’s compositions encompassing classical to jazz combine both virtuosity and great spiritual intelligence. In the album, Reminiscence, every shift in mood speaks volumes in elucidation that are consistently striking. So sought to interpret and reveal a meaningful sense of place which provokes the deservingness of all works to be heard more frequently. One can attest to the breathtaking technical finesse of So in the song “Swing’s Starlight,” provoking inspiration to many and a nod to a number of prominent artists the pianist worldwide. In the song “Moving Castle” and “Dream Hopper,” one can hear a superb and wonderfully composed sequence of tones alongside a balance of transitions. The aura of aching quality carriers across all musical expression. Eunha So’s dexterity and dynamism is also apparent in “My Romance” and “Shadows.” The overall elegance and wonderfully fluid notes in “Red Rocks at Night” and “5 AM Blues” also authenticates So’s exquisite textures throughout every dynamic musical creation. The crisp compositions are bold providing insight into the expressive dynamics of all musical forms. So has a multifaceted and one-of-a-kind musical representation by extraordinarily undertaking an even grander scale across the board. In “Donna Lee,” it is apparent that So brings in a unique medley conducting brilliant depth through all articulations of music.

Without a doubt, Eunha So’s musical background as a recent graduate from SUNY Purchase’s graduate program in Jazz Studies in 2019 alongside graduating from the University of Denver’s Lamont School of Music with a Bachelor degree in Jazz Studies and Commercial Music in 2016 has solidified the ever-changing pianist and composer’s distinctive style in music.

Amongst So’s educational background in music, the pianist and composer is also a recipient of the Pathways to Jazz Grant in 2017 producing her debut album as a leader. So has been selected and featured in Jazz 89.3 KUVO’s “30 under 30” musicians and performed at White Plains Jazz Festival in New York, Blue Note NYU, Dizzy’s Club at Jazz at Lincoln Center and Denver’s premier jazz clubs Dazzle and Nocturne. So has transpired her musical abilities into teaching as an educator. Indeed, the transcendental technique of So cultivates a warmth depth of tones. The tenderness and tonal colorings are expressively emphasized in all musical pieces. Eunha So has expressive abilities that are incomparable and the excellent capacities in all musical varieties are all-encompassing of the greatness within the pianist and composer. This fearlessly assertive style is fearlessly virtuoso, making So a pianist and composer to steadfastly observe.

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