Nella-Joi’s captivating lively revolutionary music, a combination of R&B, jazz, pop, hip-hop, and soul influences, is uniquely innovative.

An independent recording artist, singer/songwriter Nella-Joi’s latest single titled, “M.I.A.,” encapsulates the current socioeconomic crisis in the U.S. pertaining to the Black Lives Matter movement, aiming to build power to bring justice, healing, and freedom to the community. The provocations for social change in order to create equality for all reverberated throughout Nella-Joi’s latest single. Her passionate musical expressions instills the necessity for long-lasting alteration of the social order in society in “M.I.A.” reiterating, “don’t be afraid to stand up for what’s right…they say it’s time for a revolution…I think we need some evolution… please understand there’s so much power in our hands.” Nella-Joi’s soulful proclamations is apparent within the lyrics addressing racism with heartfelt riffling, scale patterns, rhythmic articulation alongside a beautifully conveyance of a call for social change.

Nella-Joi has cultivated a spirit of advocacy in “M.I.A.” encouraging the community to combat the widespread racial injustices and socioeconomic inequalities within the nation through political action suggesting, “we need to leverage our ‘Trump card’ and turn out to vote because we live in a critical time when basic humanity, love, respect, courage, selflessness and leadership are missing in action in our society, but it’s a new day and we have to do things differently to affect real change.” Nella-Joi conducts a brilliant depth of musical techniques in “M.I.A.” with expressive abilities that encompasses the independent recording artist, singer, and songwriter’s pragmatic social reformer milieu as an entrepreneur, author, speaker, disability community advocate, activist, and mother of an adult daughter born with disabilities.

Alongside Nella-Joi’s elegantly fierce assertiveness to inspire social change, Nella-Joi hosts and produces the weekly Nella-Joi radio show sharing news and advocacy on The breathtaking technical textures of R&B, jazz, pop, hip-hop, and soul genre by Nella-Joi brings forth a variation of bright tonal colorings, which are all brilliantly emphasized in of Nella-Joi’s all musical endeavors.

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