Blabbermouth vs. Lachlan Young

Blabbermouth vs. Lachlan Young

Blabbermouth vs. Lachlan Young

The Edge of Reason

What the world needs now is a good dose of absurdity. If your head is getting ready to explode from an overload of reality, The Edge of Reason is here to help. First, get your body vibin’ to some trippy, funky music. Then, listen to the stories dissolve all rational thought as you drift off into a world of Gingerbread People and Cannibal Sex Slugs. The disorientation will do you good.

Blabbermouth are Lu Edmonds (PiL, the Damned, the Mekons) and Mark Robert (Massive Attack, Neneh Cherry). They are the ones making the racket that’s alternately funky, trippy, ambient or dissonant as the situation calls for. Murray Lachlan Young is a poet supplying words and rumbly voice. Murray has a bit of an obsession with baked goods. “And On The 7th Day” reimagines the creation story as the Great Baker calling the biscuits and digestives into being so on the 7th day, there can be a proper tea time. Be warned of the deviance of the “Gingerbread PPL,” for they are devious cookies.

On the Edge of Reason, we’re taken on a tour of English motorways, the turtles on turtles on turtles the flat earth rides on and a very, very sleepy poem. Rest assured if all the virus and Brexit and whatnot are getting you down. Mr. Lachlan Young knows what is to come. Douglas Adams got it wrong; the dolphins are not going to abandon planet earth. Murray knows that the “Dolphins take over.”

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