Eric Revis

Eric Revis

Eric Revis

Slipknots Through A Looking Glass

Pyroclastic Records

Bassist Eric Revis has made a name for himself as key ensemble player and as a leader. Revis is probably best known from his years holding down the bottom in Branford Marsalis’s group. As a leader, Eric has released several albums on the Lisbon based, Clean Feed label with collaborators including Branford Marsalis and Ken Vandermark. Slipknots Through A Looking Glass finds Revis teaming up with saxophonists Bill McHenry and Darius Jones, pianist Kris Davis and drummers Chad Taylor and Justin Faulkner.

The compositions on Slipknots range from the lucid dreaming of “Earl & the Three-Fifths Solution” to the punky rhythms and squawky horns on “Shutter.” “SpAE” builds on repetition and texture with Kris Davis gently vamping on piano and Chad Taylor adding accents on the Mbira. “Vimen” is all controlled chaos; the elements are straining to break loose but are held in orbit by the gravity of the bass.

Eric Revis also collaborated with filmmakers Pierre and Francois Lomoureux to create 11 short art films inspired by the music on Slipknots. The films can be viewed in isolation or taken together as a multimedia immersion into
Slipknots Through A Looking Glass.

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