Josie Bello

Josie Bello

Josie Bello

Come Home

Josie Bello is a talented singer and songwriter from Long Island. She has developed a highly emotional approach to music. Her lyrics are personal and insightful, and it is easy to see that she is deeply committed to the songs that she performs. Her single “Come Home” has a very spontaneous and heart-warming sound to it, revealing Josie’s passion for songs that actually mean something to her, and her audience.

Josie’s music is particularly special because it highlights her incredibly diverse background. There’s something that makes me think of ’70s rock, while other elements of her music reminds of of alt-folk and Americana, sort of like Fleetwood Mac meeting Electric Light Orchestra, only to mention a few acts that come to mind!

“Come Home” encapsulates Josie’s ability to sing from the heart, while still capturing so much energy with her electrifying songwriting. This song in particular has a Christmas theme. Not only is it perfect for the current season, but it is also a great representation of a Christmas that is unlike any other we ever had in recent memory. The COVID-19 pandemic was a heavy burden to carry for so many people all around the world, and Josie’s song reflects on some of the most important values that we should all treasure: people, family, memories. At the end of the day, our bonds through life are some of the most precious things that we could experience and there is quite nothing that could replace that. Closing in at slightly under the five-minute mark, the song talks about how Josie’s son moved out recently to live with his fiancee. While she is happy for her son to start a life and find his way into this big, wide world, she can’t help but miss all the little things – his company, cooking for him, and simply having the warmth of those who are closest to us around. This is a track that most parents can relate to, as seeing your kids grow older and move out of the nest can be a bittersweet experience. It can fill your heart with pride, but it can also trigger so much nostalgia and a longing for the good old days.

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