Fully Realized Humans

Fully Realized Humans

Fully Realized Humans

directed by Joshua Leonard

starring Jess Weixler, Joshua Leonard, Beth Grant

Dir Cast Production Perception Media and Paxeros Creative

Jess (Weixler) and Josh (Leonard) are closing in in that first baby. They read every book and website they can find and debated conflicting advice from friends. Then there’s the “Selecting A Car Seat Issue,” a task more fraught than picking a name or a brand of formula. They even hire a Doula to help them thought the experience. Not quite a midwife, not quite an event planner, the Doula offers soothing advice. I had to look up “Doula” and I’m still not sure I have her responsibilities nailed. As the reality of parenting sinks in in, they decide to become fully realized humans. Translate that as doing a few comically dumb things like get punched in the face and trying their hand at “pegging.” Don’t look this one up at work. It’s “not safe for your career” search. Jess and Josh even agree to have at least one orgasm a day. Talk about your coffee achievers.

This low budget comedy gets just about everything right. Our proud proto-parents live in Tribeca and are poster children for the hippest address in New York. There friends are every bit as hip and self-aware, and this film captures this comedy of manners. Josh and Jesse are really a couple off screen and really pregnant and the pregnancy was the catalyst for the film. They wrote and shot this wry comedy in about three months, ad libbing most their way through the plot. I found it delightful, the couple really are trying to do everything right, and just like new parents since Adam and Eve, they try so hard they nearly kill themselves. Yes, this is a “small film” but it’s exactly the sort of thing Hollywood could never get right. The gags are never over played, the scenery a pleasant New York grey, and I love this show and everyone in it. Especial the “pegging coach.” She seemed WAY too happy to explain things.

This film was presented as part of the 2020 Florida Film Fest

http://www.fullyrealizedhumans.com; http://www.floridafilmfestival.com

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