The Lickerish Quartet

The Lickerish Quartet

The Lickerish Quartet

Threesome Vol. 2


There still a place in this world for nice pop music, and this stripped down, and re-animated version of Jellyfish hits the spot. Technically, this is a trio; former Jellyfish members united to write songs sans ex-front man Andy Strurmer. Strurmer wasn’t interested, or so the Wiki says. The music sticks close to the sound of the original Jellyfish: melodic, upbeat and up tempo. There are a few instrumentals here including “Do you Feel Better” and “Sovereignty Blues.” They give us all those qualities and you almost wish for a lyric or two to chant along with.

My favorite track is the intimidating “Snollygoster Goon” with its feedback intro, speed punk foundation and complex lyrics about “misanthropic rain” and lyrics like “Sing this snotty tune.” I think that’s the lyric. I just get an Mp3 file and no lyric sheet, and honestly, I’d rather misinterpret hard-to-hear lyrics and sing along with my own silly version. More melodic music follows: “Do You Feel Better?” opens with a dramatic synth tune that belongs in front of an epic movie about Hobbits and ray guns, but soon settles firmly in a British music hall sound and reminds me a bit of the early Beatles. Overall, I’d say this is an excellent album with solid musicianship and clever songs you want to hear again and again. This is the second of a trilogy the boys are working on. And I need to go find Threesome Vol. 1 so I get the whole collection. See you in the record shop!

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