Angie Atkinson

Angie Atkinson

Angie Atkinson

Your Queen

Angie Atkinson is a singer and songwriter who recently released a brand new single. This beautiful song is titled “Your Queen,” and it stands out as a perfect introduction to Angie’s talent, as well as her diverse sound. This song was actually made possible due to an extensive collaborative efforts, featuring musicians and engineers from all over the world. From NYC to Virginia, California, and even abroad (The UK and Chile), this song has a true international footprint, yet it sounds so incredibly powerful and cohesive.

The first thing that stands out about “Your Queen” is definitely the fact that the song is incredibly diverse. The vocals, for one thing, are really well-layered, at times reminiscent of artists such as Sinead O’Connor, as well as Alanis Morissette and Tori Amos, only to mention but a few. In addition to that, the variety of instruments is truly astonishing. The guitars are solid, and whenever the song needs a kick, they create a massive wall of sound, with some huge chords that help the song fly high, and reach new sonic depths. In addition to that, I really love the keyboard parts, which actually feels like the beating heart of the instrumental.

There is also some room for some amazing background vocals, which seem to be a really cool choir effort, with different singers adding more to the astonishing texture of this release.

Ultimately, this song is a testament to the fact that musicians can accomplish so much when something sparks, even if they are not all present in the room at the same time. That chemistry can really happen, if the song is there and if the musicians connect with the material. Thankfully, this is definitely what happened in this particular case, because “Your Queen” really hits the mark here.

After all, 2020, the year in which this song was release, has been quite of a challenging year for artists. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic breaking havoc on our daily existence, many of us have been unable to carry on as usual.

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