Derek Menchan

Derek Menchan

Derek Menchan

The Incredible

Derek Menchan is an artist and composer with a one-of-a-kind sound and a distinctive focus on creating emotional, yet technically accomplished music that’s easy to relate to. Recently, the artist released a project titled The Incredible, which has 16 songs, making for just under one hour of amazing music that blurs the lines between different genres.

The first song is titled “Every Day I Have the Blues,” and it is a collaboration with Jeremy Fratti. The track combines different influences, with an intro that’s reminiscent of The Beatles, only to explode into a sultry “big bang” jazz arrangement with so much verve and passion. One of my personal favorite tracks on this record is “In My Solitude,” which gives the audience a fantastic insight into the artist’s incredible vocal skills. The harmonies are so beautiful, and this is the kind of track that you really want to listen to with your eyes closed, in order to really grasp all of its significant and pathos.

There is also room for some absolute classic covers, including Derek’s take on “What a Wonderful World,” perhaps the golden tickets of all standards. This version is spiced up with Derek’s deep vocals, as well as a nice drum arrangement with a brushed snare pattern that adds more to the rhythm of this release. “Paragon Rag” is another beautiful highlight, featuring a nice chamber string arrangement that is incredibly expressive and nuanced. “Tico Tico” plays around with vocal scat and unique harmonies, going for a nice a-cappella arrangement that will leave listeners with a smile on their face. The album also features some true heartbreaking, beautiful songs, such as “It Is Well with My Soul.” This particular recording is perhaps one of the best examples of Derek’s amazing vocal range and intensity, giving the audience something that is quite extraordinary to begin with.

Find out more about Derek Menchan, and listen to The Incredible, which is currently available on the web.

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