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Tim Bennett

Tim Bennett

The Whistler’s Father Recordings

Tim Bennett is an artist and songwriter who sets the bar higher with authentic, genuine and nostalgic songs. Like some of the best country music authors of all times, Tim loves to use his music as a way to tell stories.

His most recent studio release is a project titled The Whistler’s Father Recordings, which depict a charming nostalgic flair even from its title. The album features eight songs, including the beautiful opening tune, “Come On By.” I am glad to accept the invitation, and let the ride begin! This is a really nice song with some of the best tropes of the genre, but reinterpreted in a truly unique way, due to Tim’s personality and approach.

“Never Let the Old Man In” feels like one of those old ballroom jams, and it really provides a nice retro twist to the album. “Burst into Flames” is another amazing release, and I really love how the banjo parts really drive the song. “Johnnie, Jack, and Jim” is yet another amazing number with a bit of an old-school vibe, while “The Southern Side” is perhaps one of the most distinctive cuts on the album, and it sits in the middle of this release quite perfectly. “Love What You Do” is a title that holds a lot of witness, and it is clear to see (or better yet, to hear) that Tim actually lives up to this statement, making music that he is deeply passionate about.

“I Really Don’t Miss You at All” is the kind of song I would have expected to hear on a country radio in the ’60s or early ’70s. It is traditional, but it also has somewhat of a more melodic twist to it, which reminds me of some of the earliest Everly Brothers materials (in particular, Songs Our Daddy Told Us). Last, but not least, “Coincide” is a really good final song for this album, and it is yet another example of Tim’s musicianship and passionate delivery.

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