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Megan Lacy

Megan Lacy


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In a world of ever-growing complexity, Megan Lacy is a refreshing return to the simple reminder of what music can be. With her debut EP, Salvation, Lacy introduces us to a singer/songwriter who understands that sometimes less is more. The EP starts with the title track “Salvation” which is an anthem of forgiveness. Other tracks include “Don’t Rest,” Carolina,” and “Watch This.” My personal favorite is titled “No Better,” a song that speaks to being at the mercy of one’s emotions. Megan says “I just use my own inner world to learn about the external world, so inner reflection is probably my go to tool for understanding others, and the world in general,” when asked about where she drew inspiration for the songs on this EP. Lacy, who is originally from California but has called Austin, Texas, home for the past few years, shows a return to the original country sounds that many say are lacking in this genre. The issue with this is to call her a country artist would be a disservice and not give her true artistry the credit it deserves. Each song on the EP highlights her incredibly soothing voice which just lures the listener into relaxing and enjoying the musical journey. Backed by musicians Chris Cox, Aaron Parks, Justin Douglas, and Jordan Burchill, Lacy has put together a team that creates a soothing sound that blends perfectly with her storyteller voice. Future plans for Lacy include returning to California and recording a full length alt-country album.

Salvation is a wonderful introduction to the music of an artist that has a story to tell and the talent to present it in a forgotten style that is deeply needed. When you listen to this EP you hear an artist that is both unique and exciting and leaves you wanting to hear more of what she has to share.

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