Ronna Reason

Ronna Reason

Ronna Reason

Ronna Reason EP

Damaged Disco

Hey, we all know we’re living through some dark times. Isolation, ‘rona-mitigation, career vaporization, social and political frustration seem like perfectly valid reasons to just go back to bed and practice deep hibernation. How refreshing it is for Ronna Reason and her mates, such as the former naughty girl Annabella Lwin, to momentarily kick those clouds away. From Chicago to LA, Ronna Reason has established her street-wise musical integrity and is up to the task of calling it what it is.

There’s vibes of stripped down Ladytron expertly combined with the aura of everything I’ve ever loved about Tom Tom Club. “American Queen” takes delightful jabs at the superficiality and materialistic tendencies of the duck-lipped, selfie-obsessed set. Another standout is “Dirty Cop Bust” as a sharper-edged B-52’s take on, well, we know what. By way of cheery, staccato beats and a scratchy ’80s thumbprint, “Panic Town” delivers a cheeky commentary on today’s state of affairs plus a free ride to a (peaceful) protest. Is that Nenah Cherry walkin’ on down the street, with her hands in her pocket and her crocodile feet? Or maybe Malcom McLaren, first buffalo boy because all that scratchin’ is makin’ him itch? Anyway, it feels good to get out, see what’s up with your friends in Panic Town, care about injustice and dance. Just wear your mask, mmmk?

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