Carnival of Peculiarities

Twisted Music

Fire up the lava lamps and break out the magic mushrooms! 1972 is dropping by tonight with its best friend Spongle to track their latest EP Carnival of Peculiarities. This is a three track release and its only 18 minutes long but weirdly hypnotic. I think I went around two or three times as I tracked this excellent piece of electronic layering and manipulation. There’s a drum keeping up a trip-steady rhythm that envelopes you like nostalgia for a long lost acid dream. Occasional wisps of squeaky high notes whizz into the distance like surprise lines in a 1930’s comic strip. A flute like instrument flutters by on the ghost of Jethro Tull, and samples bits of vocal remains you people still exist, but no one knows why. Recognizable melodies drop in, chat a bit, then make their excuses. Time floats by. Space turns dark revealing a starscape of alien notes wobbling in and out of the transporter beam. A scat singer gets sucked into a full-sized Moog synth, only to reappear as a sample of a sample of a sample. Has it been 15 minutes? My goodness, I’m…I’m…I’m…well, just one more. If you insist. The Jazz guy seems happy with my decision. The rhythm loop is happy with my decision. I am happy with my decision. We order Pizza, hold the reality sauce. Hold reality. A UFO takes off, leaving behind the small cloud smelling of peppermint and lilac. Lilac and peppermints. Its like a first date on Christmas eve, or a good first date.

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