The Schwings Band

The Schwings Band

The Schwings Band

Good Thing

The Schwings Band is a jazz/swing outfit based in Vilnius, Lithuania. The group has always been outstanding at defying expectations, not only following the archetype of classic swing recordings and traditional jazz, but also infusing their music with a breath of personality and fresh air. The band’s sounds doesn’t fall into a stiff formula, but rather dives deeper into different musical interests and soundscapes, going for a one-of-a-kind feel that feels like a love letter to great jazz music, and the creativity that drives this genre in the first place.

The Schwings Band’s most recent studio release is a album titled Good Thing. This record is very well-executed, and it has a catchy and endearing side to it, which makes it effortless and special. In other words, it really sounds like these musicians had the time of their life recording it!

The album kicks off with a fantastic opener, “Everybody,” which has a really charming retro feel. “Staying Home” is a whimsical and playful melody, which represents a feeling that we are all too familiar with these days! The ensemble vocals are really fun, and they match the free-spirited sound of the track. The performance is so bight and fun, and will put you in a good mood right away, even if you have been stuck indoors all day long!

“Eik Sau” takes the album some place else. This is a soft-spoken track that feels haunting and atmospheric, giving the audience a really nice taste of what the band can do in terms of lowering the dynamics of their performances and going for a more mellow sound. I love the organ sound on this one, and the lead melodies are absolutely stunning! Funny enough, the album ends with another, faster version of “Everybody,” which almost acts as a creative theme for this release! I love the warmth and clarity of this album, and each song has something special to offer.

In addition to that these amazing song highlights, the quality of the production is really good, endowing the album with extra clarity and focus, especially when it comes to listening to the main melodic lines.

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