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Times change. Trends change. People change. But not Cheap Trick. Then again, they’ve always operated in another world. Since dropping their self-titled debut way back in 1977, the Rockford-birthed brigade have produced an impressive string of informative, chart-busting records, including Heaven Tonight, Dream Police, Lap of Luxury and the über-iconic live LP, Cheap Trick at Budokan. Yet, despite ever-changing times and trends, the celebrated ensemble have remained committed to creating their unique brand of quality, American-made power pop — with Alfred E. Neuman-like, “What, me worry?” confidence and conviction.

Arriving worldwide on April 9, 2021, the band’s 20th studio set, In Another World finds the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers in fine form — a fresh, yet familiar-feeling affair that reunites the foursome with longtime producer, Julian Raymond (Mutemath, Fastball, Sugarland).

A tune that’s been featured in the band’s live set list since 2018, “Here Comes the Summer” is a crisp Tom Werman-era-sounding production drenched in frontman Robin Zander’s golden god vocals, while “Quit Waking Me Up” pops with authentic George Martin-inspired appeal.

If anyone else were to boast a tune about “Boys & Girls & Rock N Roll,” into their 70s, they’d likely get clinked up and hauled off to Creepytown. But in the Cheap Trick world, age merely is a number, and they sell this one convincingly. And due largely to the blistering guitar work of Rick Nielsen, it punches like a true street fighting man.

Fueled by Tom Petersson’s throaty, signature-style 12-string bass chug, “Light Up the Fire” was released on YouTube earlier this year, and it makes for one of the record’s most noteworthy moments. However, it can be argued that the writing collab with Linda Perry, the “She’s Tight”-flavored “Here’s Looking At You” delivers the most satisfying payoff — although the faithful remake of the John Lennon classic, “Gimme Some Truth” comes darn close.

With five-plus-years and three previous records now in the rear view, drummer Daxx Nielsen has become a proven key component of the modern-day Cheap Trick brand — a force that makes In Another World kick like a muther — a strong little rock and roll record worthy of the band’s impeccable legacy.

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