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A musical marriage consummated between singer / songwriter / actress Tay Côlieé and songwriter / producer Linus Dotson, the LA-based duo, able machines, emerged from their Hollywood honeymoon suite in 2019. And in short order, the creative newlyweds welcomed their first-born single, “Secrets and Lies.” Two years and a few more youngins later, the proud electro-pop parents have delivered a bouncing new, non-binary, full-length baby offspring.

Produced by celebrated studio ace, Linus Dotson (Bowling for Soup, The Dollyrots, All-Star Weekend), Pathological pins occasionally dark lyrical images to the lapel of a crisp, pop-woven smoking jacket, accented by magical melodies and enhanced by enticing electronics — resulting in a fashion-forward ensemble that boasts Lorde-like fun.-factor.

Simply put, Tay Côlieé, IS a superstar — a point proven posthaste with the record’s irresistible video / single, “Can You Keep A Secret.” Just try to take your eyes off her — can’t do it, can you? But a fetching frontchick don’t mean jack if your combo ain’t got songs. And able machines have plenty of ‘em — including the record’s hypnotic leadoff video / single “Narcissist,” the Manson-inspired (Shirley, not Marilyn) “Intentions” and the heart-stopping, aforementioned “Secrets and Lies.”

“I think for both of us, writing this album was a cathartic purging of emotions,” confesses Côlieé. “Each song is a little glimpse into the inner workings of our brains and how we navigate the tangled dynamics of angsty love.”

In sum, Pathological pops and pings — it beeps and buzzes. Like that girl sitting alone in the neon-lit cocktail bar after closing time (you know, the one with tussled hair and suppressed daddy issues), it’s a frustratingly alluring seduction — the dysfunctional feel-good of the ensuing summer season.

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