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David Nelson Ostrosser

David Nelson Ostrosser

My Bachelor Ways

David Nelson Ostrosser is a singer/songwriter who recently released a fantastic new studio album titled My Bachelor Ways.

The artist managed to develop a distinctive sound by combining his love of country music and rock with his penchant for comedic lyrics. The album is filled with songs that are fun and lighthearted, but also quite amazing and musical. I’ve always been a big believer that comedy music should also be plain old good music as well.

There are so many comedy-inspired artists who tend to forget that at the end of the day, the quality of the music is the other half of the equation, and it should be just as important as the clever and witty lyrics. Thankfully, David Nelson Ostrosser managed to really nail the formula, and as a result, his album is balanced and diverse. The title track itself feels like a great introduction to the album, and it also features a matching music video, which offers a great visual addition to the album experience!

The second song is one that I can actually really relate to right now, since my neighbor has been doing home renovations for weeks! “Power Tool Sunday” is a fantastic release that is fun, but also musically excellent, due to its mix of country and rock. One of my favorite songs is definitely “Strawberry Blonde (With A Flully Mic)” which is also accompanied by a fun video, matching the flow of the release. There are so many other highlights, but the final song, “All Of Your Underwear” is particularly enjoyable as well. The rhythm has a traditional country vibe, and the arrangement features a nice harmonica and a honky tonk piano part that’s incredibly groovy, perfectly fitting with David’s vocal parts.

This album is ultimately highly recommended to anyone who loves lighthearted and genuinely hilarious music, that’s still performed quite well! David managed to bridge the gaps between music and fun, and he delivers excellent songs without compromising in terms of quality.

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