Les Notres (Our Own)

Les Notres (Our Own)

Les Notres (Our Own)

directed by Jeanne Lablanc

starring Emilie Bierre, Marianne Farley, Jean-Marc Ricard, Leon Diconca Pekketier

It’s not often you seen a full-on sex scene in a Canadian movie, but here one is. Mayor Jean-Marc (Doucet) has a girlfriend. That’s bad enough, but she’s 12 year old Magalie (Emile Bierre) and there’s a bun in her oven. White, middle class and puritanical, this is about the worst place in the world for carnal sin. The parents try to push the blame on the Spanish exchange student Manuel (Pelletier) as they all hate him anyway. Keep the kid or ditch it? When Mayor Mc. Zipper takes up again with his Mrs. Robinson wife, things actuality heal. Les Notres offers a well done “Tempest in a Subdivision” story and Bierre’s performance can bring tears to your eye, even if you want to boot the mayor and the vaping social worker Patrice (Gulliame Cyr) in the cojones. It’s a melodrama, but a melodrama with a timeless edge.

This Film was presented at the 2021 Florida Film Festival.

www.lesnotres-lefilm.com; https://www.floridafilmfestival.com

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