Corb Lund

Corb Lund

Corb Lund

Agricultural Tragic Deluxe

New West Records

Corb Lund released his first album in 5 years, Agricultural Tragic in 2020, and now, less than a year later, decided to treat fans to a deluxe version with 4 additional tracks. If you’re not familiar with Corb Lund, his authentic brand of country and western music is mixed with a variety of genres and story telling that is as real as his day to day life. Corb is a proud, rural Albertan and comes from a long line of ranchers and rodeo riders and those experiences guide the lyrics of each track on the album.

“90 Seconds of Your Time” kicks off the album that also ends it as “90 Seconds of Your Time (Revisited)”, the latter being one of the additional 4 tracks that includes some great backing vocals and horns that you didn’t realize you needed until they were added. “Horse Poor” is another additional track and the second that features Jaida Dreyer, who also sings with Corb on “I Think You Oughta Try Whiskey”. Jaida and Corb have a great Johnny and June vibe on both tracks and I really enjoy the fun nature of these songs.

The other two bonus tracks are the rollicking “Hard To Play Steel Guitar” which espouses the difficulty of playing steel guitar “when the singers out of tune” and “Fancy Picking” which does feature some very fancy picking. The entire album was great to begin with but these other 4 tracks are fitting additions and make me wonder what other reworked tracks Corb may have up his flannel sleeves. Agricultural Tragic (Deluxe) is available at all online retailers and I would suggest fans stop by his YouTube channel to see videos, and acoustic performances of many of the songs on this great album.

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