Ida Maria

Ida Maria

Ida Maria

Dirty Money

According to the always reliable internet, Norwegian pop singer Ida Maria released Fortress ‘round My Heart back in 2008 to pretty good reviews. How did I sleep on that?

Maria’ upcoming EP Dirty Money is a delightful four-song collection that should be the sound of the summer – an incredibly rousing and celebratory slice of pop that blends a winning array of influences and styles to create an instantly catchy and memorable release.

While “Celebration” is a punk influenced pop song, including a ’77 guitar solo, “California” is the best unknown glam stomper you’ve never heard – with subtle horns, a driving piano, and Maria’s voice exuberantly cracking.

“Dirty Money” and “I’m Busy” show a marked hip-hop/dance influence, with the later utilizing an altered “Substitute” riff with sampled moans for a heavenly summertime vibe.

These five songs are immediately catchy and will stay lodged in your head for weeks – sometimes sounding like a punkier Lily Allen, sometimes channeling the Rolling Stones at their sleaziest, but always showcasing pop perfection, in a perfect world, Dirty Money will be unavoidable this summer.

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