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Benjamin Jayne

Benjamin Jayne


What About Music

Benjamin Jayne is a collaborative project by brother and sister, Benjamin and Amanda Write. Both siblings have long histories as performers and writers. The collaboration came about as a way for them to stay connected. Benjamin works in Vermont as a psychiatric nurse while Amanda is a teacher in Barcelona, Spain. Both siblings are still active on their respective music scenes when not working their day jobs.

Theater developed with Benjamin recording the basic tracks and vocals in the US. He then sent the tunes to Amanda who added vocals, piano and bells in Spain. The record is a pleasantly dark, folk rock album. Benjamin’s voice has the full, baritone rumble reminiscent of Nick Drake or Leonard Cohn. “Sky is Falling” is built around an off kilter rhythm track with Benjamin’s voice floating serenely overhead. The melody on “Waiting for Life” makes me think of “Buddy” by the ’90s New Zealand band Snapper. The title track “Theater” has echoes of early Dire Straits in the way the guitar accents a driving melody. Overall Theater projects a calm, almost hypnotic spell. The record is a good escape from the chaos all around us these days.

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