Suzi Moon

Suzi Moon

Suzi Moon

Call the Shots

Pirates Press Records

Call the Shots is Suzi Moon’s coming out party after years of fronting bands since she was 15 including such as Civet, Turbulent Hearts, and L.A. Machina. The EP features three blasts of bad girl, badass primal pop punk. Based on the tunes presented here, Suzi hasn’t had great luck with men. “Special Place in Hell” kicks things off with a sonic kick in the gonads to a parasitic ex. The closer, “Nuthin’ to me” dismisses another loser as not worth the time of day.

“I’m Not A Man” is the centerpiece of Call the Shots. It’s a defiant call out to the patriarchal power players in the music industry and beyond. Suzi snarls, “I’m not a man and I don’t give a damn. I’m not a man and I can make six figures. I’m not a man but I’m a lady killer.” Forget “me too” this is pure fuck you.

Sonically, Suzi Moon calls to mind the crisply produced “New Wave” end of the early punk scene (the ones the suits thought could make some money with a little polish). Think early Blondie, Joan Jett, X Ray Specs and Scrawl. But Suzi is an ear tease only giving us three songs. It leaves the boys and girls wanting more.

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