Ddulden’s Last Flight

Vicisolum Records

Perhaps you’re looking for a French concept album. Perhaps you are a worldbeat fan who seeks a more western sound. Perhaps you’ve yet to stumble upon this on the internet and haven’t bit the apple yet. Either way, this complex doom rock influenced recoding can be rough in spots, but overall, its an intruding look at darter side of music today, without going full “Wall of Noise.” With its Japanese iconography on the cover, I was expecting a more Asian sound, and I’m a bit confused on the track run order: the MP3 file the label sent me starts at newborn “Whirl Wind” and ends with “Blackened Rain” while the web site spans from “ Ddulden Runs Beyond the Peak” to a bonus track “The Painter.” I’ll pretend I’m cool enough to parse the tracks and point out a few favorites “Orange Lao” uses a koto over a drum and drone westerns sound, and its one of the most effective tracks on the file. Over on “ Ddulden Dreams” we hear a symphonic cinematic track sandwiched between the Asian sounds and flashes of metal guitar. Finally, on “Blacked Rain” slow minor chord beats push us slowly off a dock, then as we float down stream the rocks get big and the lyrics profound, leaving us as confused as an American tourist lost and without a GPS or cell signal. This is a difficult yet rewarding project, filled with false walls and mirrored doors. You want unusual? We got yer unusual, right here.

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