Jakob Mind

Jakob Mind

Jakob Mind

The One That Got Away

Lövely Records

Before I heard the sound, I saw the press pix. That alone sold me on this classy rock guy with sounds like a plethora of 1970 classic rock bands – Crack the Sky, Foghat, or REO Speedwagon. They all drive his sensibility. I’ve posted the cover art here, but they also sent me another press picture of Mr. Mind crashed out in front of his wall of speakers. I don’t know why, but it flipped my switch and now I love him on principle. His sound doesn’t disappoint: his English has just a touch of echo and overdub here, and his voice is just sweetened enough to make it sound like serious sustain on Nigel Tufnel’s favorite guitar. My mp3 player scrambled the track order, but that’s OK as this is no concept album, just a flow of well crafted and well executed classic rock work outs. I’ll highlight “Watch the City Burn” with its shades sending us back to the summer loves of our yout. Some blossomed and as some faded, but both moods intertwine with Mr. Mind’s high energy song writing. Here’s Norse rock at its finest and this makes many actual American bands pale in comparison.


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