Theater West End, Sanford FL

Back in 2011 I saw this weird little Disney parody off in one of those weird little venues that started the Orlando Fringe. Created by Dennis T. Giacino and Fiely Matias otherwise knowns as the “Oops Guys” it was a collection of Disney song parodies sung by the put upon female protagonists. The show was a hit, and the “Oops Guys” collaborators have reworked and reworked this show until it’s a snappy, sassy off off Broadway his. Our leads tonight are the trio of Hatfield, Juliet and Chiriboga. Each has a story to tell, each has and axe to grind, and each is bitter, but in a very entertaining way. We open with the trio belting “One More Happily Ever After,” a theme song about the exploitation and lack of respect women have received in the cartoon world. “Without the Guy” (Hua Mulan) tackles the admittedly delicate issue of Asian woman in animation, and I admit I’ve never seen that Disney Film (I’m more a surrealist comedy fan). Then we talk disabilities with “The Little Mermaid” (Leigh Green), Snow White and Cinderella. The comedy is bitter yet biting, and the music not only carries the show, but it takes a potentially lecturey topic and makes if great fun. How much do the girls get paid? “Not One Red Cent” opens the second act with a Marlene Dietrich styles cabaret number, and we finally meet Princes Badroulbadour (Nyieshia Smith) in “Secondary Princess.” She may be a “B-List” on the program but she has some the best dance moves of the company.

While this show has seen extensive grooming since that opening night a decade ago. but at its heart its the same truthful silliness. The arrangements are jazzed up, even with a two piece orchestra with a guy on drums and the keyboard guy looking like Sargent Pepper. The music is better arranged, but the message has only sharpened. Disney may be the King of Animation and Furries, but its also the 800 pound Gorilla of entertainment. Every time I see this show, I expect the Disney storm troopers to bust down the door and riddle us with blaster bullets. But not tonight, I got home in one piece.

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