By Margaret Edson

This is a hard-hitting, gut wrenching play that brought the audience to tears again and again. Henry puts on a brave face and revisits what her classes were like in flashbacks. and she fears some of her students might actually be committed to literary analysis of an obscure writer. Dr. Posner takes a more hands on approach. He wants to keep people alive longer, and force them to die from other reasons than cancer. In the long run this is better, but in the short run its as frustrating as teaching English. Vivian delivers the main structure in the show, and even when dead she’s never off stage. The doctors come and go, and sometime double as students, and my takeaway here is no matter how smart or how rich or how dumb you might be, you will someday stare death in the eye, and death will not reply: “Just kidding.”

Penguin Point’s operation continues to expand. While there’s no seat rake making sight lines awkward, the lighting and sound are excellent, and the shopping mall is otherwise an excellent theater space with good parking, rest rooms, and multiple adjacent eateries. Sound is not a problem either, and this operation puts some life into the moribund retail experience. Heavy drama and mall food, all in one convenient location.


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