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Scrap Metal

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Scrap Metal

Riding Easy and Permanent Records

Not every band makes it to the top, and some are even lucky to get one track on vinyl. Back in the 1980s heavy metal became a certified genus of rock and roll, and more bands with bigger towers and bigger egos flooded the airwaves. Except for these guys. Bands fail for a myriad of reasons: death, addiction, poor promo, lack of talent. That last one isn’t that big an impediment, but you need to get material out and get people to head bang to it. The dedicated vinyl nuts at Riding Easy put this interesting collection together after who knows how many hours of listening and digging though musty vinyl shots. It’s a decent collection with only a few rough spots.

“Headbang (Rapi tears)” open this 10 track collection, it’s an Ozzy influenced work out with exciting guitar riffs, and a some extremely high “Undies Too Tight” high notes. Next up we hear Air raid with “69 in a 55” a reference to he widely hated 55 MPH speed limit which was Americas answer to the 1970s oil embargo. Or maybe its about a rude act in a midcentury vehicle. Either was, its solid guitar work packed with exciting key changes and a good head banging riffs.

Skipping ahead, “Enemy Ace” is the sort of prowar “kill Everyone” celebration. The lyrics are rough and provocative, but the rolling wall of drums and deft finger work of lead guitar make up for any content material.

Lastly, I’ll mention “Czar” by Iron Curtain. It’s one of the roughest tracks on the collection, Lyrics include such aliens and “can you feel the oppressor?” and “Lets raise a mushroom cloud!” Between nuclear attack, this track has the fastest finger work on the collection, and even if it’s a bit over wrought on the arrangement side, it’s a nice homage to the end of the world. And its that what makes metal so attractive? Things may be bad all over, but at least you can still annoy your mom and dad and the neighbors. Metal will never die, but it may end up with a patina of rust and an AARP card for its guitar pick.

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