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Now Serving: Royal Tea Live From The Ryman

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Joe Banamassa’s latest release Now Serving: Royal Tea Live from the Ryman is a prime example of Bonamassa’s forward thinking and the reason he continues to build and keep his fan base. While covid shut down tours and live performances, Bonamassa decided to film and record a live show at the mother church, The Ryman in Nashville, to cardboard cutouts of fans and livestreaming the show to 44 countries around the world. Not even a pandemic can stop Joe Banamassa and crew from bringing the blues to our ears.

The set included 9 tracks from his latest studio album, Royal Tea, and 3 tracks from his album A New Day Now, including his cover of the song “Walk in My Shadow” by Free. He opens the show with “When One Door Opens” that features some moody sounding horns, vocals, and music that takes you on a roller coaster ride of fiery guitar solos and quiet subtly. Despite playing to an empty venue, the performances jump out of the speakers and breath with a ferocity that Joe is famous for bringing to his live shows.

The venue that normally holds 2,300 seats sold over 17,000 tickets and of his incredible fans Joe says…“As great as it is to be on that stage in any capacity, YOU the fans make it special. You are part of the show and a big part of it. As this show was being filmed live, almost 100,000 eyes were on us in various forms around the world in front of TVs and computers alike.”

Now Serving: Royal Tea Live from the Ryman is available on all streaming services and online retailers. You can also grab physical copies in Blue Ray, DVD, digital download and a double vinyl album as well. It’s a must have addition to the studio version and will more then satisfy the need for live music.

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