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Aria Rostami

Aria Rostami


Shaytoon Records

Well, we have gone back in time. This rather eclectic collection of 7 tracks features the remix work of Aria Rostami performed on his own earlier material along with a few tracks from label mates Sepehr and Sota. I do not claim any experience with these artists, but there is a cultural and audiophonic connection. I received this collection as a standard mp3 download and press kit, and I suspect the retail version would be the same, less the press stuff. There’s also a limited edition version on Maxwell High Bias cassette with the material in hand, along with two other albums I have not yet experienced. They also helpfully included no less than 15 links to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and SoundCloud.

So, what does this all sound like?

Bolbol relies on a rock steady 6/8 timing underlaid with a staccato stream rhythm keeping time. Title track “Bolbol” appears in the different remixes. The “Sepehr Dark UKG” mix is urgent and nearly danceable, while the “Sota Rework” leans toward the industrial sound I always associated with the post-Soviet era of Berlin. Then we meet the “Sepehr Mortality Mix.” It finds a middle ground with a reasonably persuasive mechanical dance beat. “Beat” is perhaps too strong a term, I’ll back that down to “at the right pace to allow you to pretend dance.” Then there’s the just “Bolbol.” This is a straight ahead electronic and bongo track, a bit too fast to dance for anyone but Fred Astaire and punctuated with a room full of percussion instruments.

Three more tracks complete this collection: “Chesmh,” “Depthless,” and “Endless.” I prefer these tunes. Moody, excitable, and frisky, they seem more spontaneous than the others. “Endless” tells stories of a semi-forgotten childhood, and each seems less contrived and more in line with our slippery memories of ages gone by. This collection is not for everyone, but for the right ear, these are intriguing and satisfying sounds.

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