Curse of Lono

Curse of Lono

Curse of Lono

People in Cars

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I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like Felix Bechtolsheimer could be singing about their existence when they hear “Think I’m Alright Now.” The song is a swirl of confusion and jaded hope. After the past few years of social upheaval, personal challenges, and economic uncertainty, I can feel myself in Felix’s words, “I’ve been shaken, but I think I’m alright now.”

Bechtolsheimer writes and sings the songs for the London based alt-folk combo Curse of Lono. The songs on People in Cars remind me a bit of the Magnetic Fields and end stage Leonard Cohen. The songs are delicately balanced arrangements that evoke the dark hours of a lost (or at least misplaced) soul hiding in an all night café.

Should I be concerned that I’m grooving on songs as objectively desolate as “So Damned Beautiful”? The duet with Tess Parks seems to be about a man going through some kind of hell with the ghost of a companion looking on. Bechtolsheimer sounds like he’s surprised to be alive when he sings, “Shadows crawl from the sky. Tears well up in my eyes. And it’s so damned beautiful.”

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