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Positive Vibrations Release Country / Reggae Mashup Album

Positive Vibrations Release Country / Reggae Mashup Album

Positive VibrationsCountry Goes Reggae features Country Music Hall of Famers

Putting a reggae twist on some of country music’s biggest hits, renowned Jamaican musicians Positive Vibrations have released Country Goes Reggae.

The album is the latest creative mashup from producers Christian and Frank Berman, who gathered esteemed Jamaican musicians Ian “Beezy” Coleman (Ziggy and Damian Marley, Wyclef, Fugees), Devon Bradshaw (Burning Spear), Guillaume “Stepper Sax” Briard, Henry Matic Tune (UB40, Aswad, Dennis Brown), and the next-gen class of players for the project.

The idea for Country Goes Reggae came on a trip to Negril, Jamaica in 2019, when the brothers were sitting at a sunset beach bar listening to Reggae classics as a car passed by blasting U.S. Country songs. Embodying the thumping bass and drums of Reggae blended with staccato horn arrangements, the album’s Rock and Soul upbeat aesthetic flows throughout the record, making it the perfect summertime playlist.

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