• Three Drops of Angry Ink

    Three sub-essays about recent items in the news. It is of paramount importance that YOU read them and respond to me in the appropriate manner.

  • Remain Calm.

    David Lee Beowulf bangs on about Idiotarians, terrorists, oil and Susan Sontag, long may he bang.

  • It’s Not Just Me…

    David Lee Beowulf wants you to know that he is not a blog, and then he wants to give you a heady dose of political and social common sense! Sure to infuriate! Sure to provoke thought!

  • A Time For Anger

    David Lee Beowulf weighs in with his views on the events of September 11th – complete with a reading list, natch. If you don’t throw yourself all out of whack with knee-jerk reactions, you might actually learn something.

  • Kick-Start the Angry Millennium!

    Belated thoughts on the presidential election and about 50 million cd reviews, it must be the return of David Lee Beowulf, fighting fit and Angry Ink.

  • Great Scott?!

    “So here’s George C. Scott, who refuses the award (he said ‘no thanks’ to his nomination for Best Supporting Actor for the Hustler) out of a disdain for the movie business. Who the hell did he think he was? Marlon Brando, who is probably insane, refused his rightly-awarded Oscar for the Godfather, took the opportunity to use his refusal for political ends, something I can understand -maybe. Hey, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. But Scott simply said ‘shove it up yer ass.'”

  • Now I’m Really Angry, IV

    The home stretch. This piece must be read to be believed.

  • Now I’m Really Angry, III

    Why stop now? Afraid you’re going to learn something?

  • Now I’m Really Angry, II

    Dave continues his epic “Kosovo” rant, taking the very form to new heights of aggression and enlightenment.

  • Now I’m Really Angry, I

    “I’ve been doing a lot of head-shaking lately. Would someone please tell me why Yugoslavia is being bombed into oblivion? No, I mean the ‘real’ answer. I’m genuinely pissed. I don’t think I’ve been this pissed ever.”

  • My Angry Holiday

    “Ho ho ho! I just checked my list for an unprecedented THIRD time! You’ll all have to die! Mwuhooohahahahaha!”

  • Angry At School

    “So my estranged lunatic ex-girlfriend, right on time with the first installment of her twice-weekly phone-stalking, calls me up to tell me about her recent experiences as a substitute teacher in the Bay area. She’s mostly been assigned to sub for high school classes, an experience that opened her eyes to the wonders of a liberally-bloated educational system…”

  • Angry At Life

    “Hating Life!”

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