• Conflict Is What Drives Us

    Precipitate8 muses about the nature of human conflict – and tries to avoid the stray punches.

  • Leaving

    Precipitate8 finds out that the process of leaving is more protracted and mundane than he thought. and that profound discovery can come from graffiti.

  • Exodus

    Things are not well in Cat Dissections land. Perhaps a change in scenery will curb the self-destruction?

  • kittens

    There’s no such thing as a quiet night in on Cat Dissections time. As Iggy Pop would say, Time To Go Nightclubbing. But are we what’s happening?

  • Do You Enjoy This?

    Epileptic seizures and impending age… the old one-two punch takes Precipitate8 down for the count. Happy Birthday!

  • I Quit My Job Today

    As Precipitate8 leaves the working world behind, he finds himself oddlly melancholy over leaving co-workers he thought he didn’t care about at all.

  • The Tao of Pooh Too

    Precipitate8 pens the last Winnie the Pooh story.

  • Gainesville (I-V)

    Gainesville boredom plunges Precipitate8 into vampire delusions, epileptic seizures and various chemical escapades.

  • Don’t go to sleep…

    Precipitate8 is tormented by dreams of Taco Bell cannibalism, claustrophobic submarine missions, and strange facial deformities. Burroughs-y,

  • Hospitals?

    Precipitate8 finds that hospitals and ambulances often conceal darker truths and grotesque experiments.

  • Los Angeles

    Precipitate8 takes in every trashy, messy and confusing corner of Los Angeles in a whirlwind immersion. Or vacation, I guess.

  • Orlando (Part Last)

    Precipitate8, after a night out on the town, almost makes it to the car, but late night crazies and wiccan vampire watchers have other ideas.

  • The Saga of Telekinesis Girl

    Locked away in a mental hospital, Precipitate8 meets the Telekinesis Girl. Here’s her story.

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