• Farming Uncle

    Another spanking new installment of Outsight – overflowing with the best in new and original music and… farming magazines.

  • Distro Deals and Disc Reveals

    Tom “Tearaway” Schulte and the good ship Outsight is your one-stop shop for music news, disparate music reviews, and film criticism. Foetus and Chen Kaige in the same column can only be a good thing.

  • The Tommies

    Not to be outdone, the ever-prolific Tom “Tearaway” Schulte gives his Top 19 List for 2001, along with an avalanche of record reviews and an informative portrait of the elegant Patricia Morrison!

  • Illegal Drukqs

    Tom “Tearaway” Schulte rounds up a shitload of new compact discs and other media, ripe for the pickings in this holiday season. Come on, Cold Meat Industry product in the X-Mas stocking is enough to make any little girl or boy dance for joy.

  • Blank Generation

    Tom “Tearaway” Schulte plows through new releases by Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, James “Blood” Ulmer, 3 Mustaphas 3, Will Haven and scores of other worthies. He’s a trooper.

  • Vengeance is Theirs

    Tom “Tearaway” Schulte puts the Cramps, David S. Ware, Pollock, Crystal Method, Odetta and many more under the microscope in this month’s Outsight.

  • The Fall of Rome

    Tom ‘Tearaway’ Schulte cuts through a score of new releases, all kinds of electronic noise, garage thrash, and muso mastery compressed into compact critical chunks. It’s Outsight.

  • Bloody Beautiful

    Did you ever have the urge to find out about the newest releases by Captain Sensible, Fred Koller, Man Is The Bastard and about thirty disparate others all within a few sentences of one another? Skate on over to Outsight for critical collages at their best.

  • Blues, World, Punk & other shades of Rock

    Tom “Tearaway” Schulte joins our big happy family, and will be bringing us regular installments of Outsight! This time around he skips from angry oi to tribal drums to goth and makes it seem oh so easy.

  • Outsight FAQ

    Outsight :: Outsight FAQ :: Saturday, July 28th, 2001

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