• Buran Free

    Kurt Channing has the inside line on the biggest bargain of the year- your very own Russian space shuttle! Go!

  • Asteroids!

    Kurt Channing gives us the down-low (yo?) on new Cheetos product AND bonus rantery on wrong number callback. Yes!

  • Code Red!

    Kurt Channing does some hackish snooping in Shelflife to determine the culprit behind the latest rash of internet outages.

  • Cool Turk

    Kurt Channing considers the puzzling popularity of internet cult figure Mahir, inevitable pop superstardom and all, and grasps about for a metaphor to neatly describe it all. Anyone up for picking scabs?

  • Special K – Red Berries Edition

    Kurt Channing has agreed to explore the finer points of the supermarket experience for Columns. In this edition of Shelflife, he takes a look at a newer, better Kelloggs cereal.

  • FAQ

    Frequently asked questions about Kurt Channing’s “Shelflife”

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