• Remembering Vic Chesnutt: 1964-2009

    Remembering Vic Chesnutt: 1964-2009

    The world lost an astonishingly gifted artist when singer-songwriter Vic Chesnutt passed away December 25, 2009.

  • Les Paul

    Les Paul

    James Mann finds it hard to say goodbye to an American Genius, and recounts all the wonderful ways he said hello.

  • British Mysteries from Acorn Media

    British Mysteries from Acorn Media

    Whether you are a fan of quirky detectives and wacky coincidences, or in-depth investigations with detailed forensic analysis, Acorn Media probably has a British mystery set that will appeal to you. Joe Frietze is here to take a look at four of their newest releases.

  • The Ventures’ Bob Bogle, 1934-2009

    The Ventures’ Bob Bogle, 1934-2009

    Not many musicians can claim the vitality and staying power that Bob Bogle and his band The Ventures have enjoyed. Steve Stav recalls the highlights of the man and his career.

  • Susan Boyle, Folk Hero

    Susan Boyle, Folk Hero

    After a week of YouTube mania, Steve Stav assesses the far-reaching ramifications of the Susan Boyle phenomenon in his essay on the Scottish singer.

  • Operation Rooster

    Operation Rooster

    In which Kevin Johanssen punks a famous independent actor/director/composer/supermodel. Warning: contains profanity. And Vincent Gallo.

  • Top 19 Dead People of 2008

    Top 19 Dead People of 2008

    Carl F Gauze rounds up the best of those who left us last year. If there’s a more perfect number than nineteen, we’ve yet to find it!

  • British Mysteries From Acorn Media

    British Mysteries From Acorn Media

    Are you tired of detective shows where the lead is a mess of addictions, neuroses, and failed relationships? If so, Joe Frietze recommends this trio of British mysteries with a different spin on the genre. Check out The Last Detective, DNA, and Midsomer Murders.

  • Hey! Bo Diddley

    Hey! Bo Diddley

    He declared “I’m A Man” and by damn, he was. Bo Diddley passes away at the age of 79, and James Mann takes a look at the man and the beat.

  • The Top 19 Dead People of 2007

    The Top 19 Dead People of 2007

    Don’t you dare close the book on 2007 yet! Carl F Gauze reviews the Top 19 celebrity deaths of the year that was, and you’re not likely to see these folks in soft-focus pinups in People Magazne.

  • Studio One Reissues Series

    Studio One Reissues Series

    Trying to put the sprawling creative mess that is Jamaican music into order is a daunting task… until you realize that a lot of it sprang from Studio One. Scott Adams recaps several reissues from C.S. “Coxsone” Dodd’s pivotal recording studio.

  • Oscar Peterson

    Oscar Peterson

    Jazz luminary Oscar Peterson has died at age 82 in Toronto. James Mann looks at the legendary pianist.

  • The Case of the Missing Guitar Heroes

    The Case of the Missing Guitar Heroes

    How can a band record one of the most influential tunes in rock history, perform for 47 straight years, sell at least 75 million albums and not be in Cleveland’s Hall of Fame?
    Lifelong fan Steve Stav examines this baffling rock ‘n’ roll mystery in his essay on the legendary Ventures.

  • Top Dead People of 2006

    Top Dead People of 2006

    Carl F Gauze tallies 19 deaths in 2006 that somehow affect all of us, even though we may have missed their obituary.

  • James Brown Is Dead

    James Brown Is Dead

    James Brown passed away on Christmas Day. Or did he? James Mann ponders the Godfather of Soul.

  • It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like….

    It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like….

    At this special time of year, let’s not forget the REAL reason for the season… fabulously gaudy displays of Xmas lights! Heather Lorusso sure didn’t – and even in faraway Tokyo she found enough clever uses of wattage to soften the most humbuggy of hearts. You won’t find these in your neighbor’s yard.

  • What the Grammys can learn from the Oscars

    If the Motion Picture Academy has learned one thing this year, it’s that independent and low-budget films are generally better than the crap that Hollywood is now pumping out. So what can the Grammys learn from this? Tim Wardyn goes over the lesson plan.

  • Downhill


    Just when it seemed a dead end for seven Temple University film students, who made their very first feature film, things turned around. Brittany Sturges reports.

  • The Best Wednesdays of 2005!

    The Best Wednesdays of 2005!

    Avowed comic fan Van Sias gives us the rundown on the best storylines of 2005.

  • The Quotable 2005

    The Quotable 2005

    It’s Gail Worley‘s annual List of the Top 19 Quotes from Interviews she conducted with various Rock Types in 2005!

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