• Signs of Life

    Signs of Life

    Popping off rapid-fire “gotchas” from start to finish, Creston Mapes possesses precision marksmanship — paralyzing readers with each page of his latest thriller, “Signs of Life.”

  • Superstar


    Sex, drugs, adultery, murder and finally, redemption – it’s all intertwined in the tale of Trent Davis, the “star” of author Christopher Long‘s latest, Superstar.

  • Teen Movie Hell

    Teen Movie Hell

    A celebration of teen sex comedies with a surprisingly nuanced look in the age of #metoo.

  • Belzebubs


    A hardcover collection of the black metal family comedy webcomic.

  • Teen Movie Hell

    Teen Movie Hell

    Teen Movie Hell visits the evolution of high school classics.

  • Unopened


    Doug Hoekstra’s third book resonates.

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